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eSimply is our new online email broadcast solution. This innovative technology is ideal for novices and experts alike who need to send email quickly and efficiently when speed is of the essence. eSimply is the only service of its kind that enables the user to send an email built from a PDF, and even add hotspots to it. No contracts are required and you pay as you go. Give eSimply a try for your next email marketing campaign. We believe you'll agree that it's the most simple application for sending email.
  • Can upload custom-made HTML newsletters
  • Can upload Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word or single .JPG files
  • Automatic generation of plain-text version
  • Automatic generation of web-version link
  • Can send to multiple lists simultaneously
  • Extensive field merging capabilities
  • Opt-In Widget for obtaining fresh subscribers via your website
  • Delivery time scheduling
  • Reporting with up-to-date statistics
  • Exportable reports
  • Certified receipt including date/time message was opened
  • Click-through rates for each link in your broadcast
  • Tracks specific URL clicks
  • See who opts out and also emails that get reported as spam
  • Opt-out link automatically added
  • Instant delivery of your email to multiple destinations saves you time and money
  • High bandwidth hosting of your content, assuring quick and easy viewing of your message
  • Text-only versions are automatically created and embedded in every email for viewing by older systems to ensure compatibility
  • Detailed reports enable you to learn and retain important information on the effectiveness of your message and the habits of customers or prospects
eSimply Online
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